Experiment with Your uKeg TWIST

March 23, 2022

The uKeg TWIST Seltzer Maker is the easiest way to make fizzy, refreshing seltzer that's perfectly tailored to your taste preferences. Adding water and a few flavor drops to your bottle will never make you sad. But there's also plenty of room for creativity when it comes to seltzer. To help you get the most out of your uKeg TWIST, we put together a few ideas.

Use Fresh Fruit Flavors

Fruit can be more than just a pretty garnish. Don't be shy about using a healthy dose of fresh juice to add a bolder flavor to your seltzer. For example, in a 24 oz TWIST, add 4 oz of fresh-squeezed clementine juice to the water and ice. Or mix and match flavors to create your ideal lemon-lime blend. 

Add a Touch of Sweetness

There's a lot in between a plain seltzer and a sugary soda. If you like a hint of sweetness in your seltzer, add a little agave syrup. Or infuse a simple syrup with fresh herbs to give your beverage a little punch. We love simmering a handful of fresh basil leaves in a cup each of sugar and water. (Pro tip: add a dollop of strawberry purée to your TWIST along with basil simple syrup for some summertime magic.)

Embrace Bitters

There are a lot of cocktail bitters on the market. And each one has been carefully crafted with fruit, herbs, roots, and other natural flavors to create a complex flavor that works great in cocktails and other beverages. By adding a few drops to your TWIST, you can easily liven up a simple seltzer. One of our favorite combos? Water, angostura bitters, and a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Experiment with Booze

If you like hard seltzer, chances are Vodka is your go-to booze. And you won't hear any complaints from us about that. But we also love sampling other liquors. Try tequila and fresh lime juice for some south-of-the-border flare. Or mix coconut rum with a splash of pineapple juice for your very own island vibes.

Make It and Take It

One of the best features of the TWIST is its portability. Because you make seltzer and dispense it all from the same bottle, you can ditch the countertop carbonator and the wasteful bottles and cans and streamline your whole seltzer experience. That means you can quickly whip up a batch of seltzer and have it by your side wherever life takes you—whether that's the beach, the golf course, or a trip to the grocery store.


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