March 23, 2018


As is the case with a lot of breweries, Ballast Point Brewing Company wanted to create better beer across the board. What set them apart, however, is the fact that it became a life-long obsession that has, in turn, lead to the creation of some of the most innovate beers in the industry!  

At Ballast Point the perfect beer doesn't just happen overnight. In fact, they're proud to admit that the journey is often times just as rewarding as the savorous outcome. 

Their journey was born of traditional home-brewing techniques but the beer at Ballast Point has evolved into much more. The idea of making a good beer is great, but the idea of making a great beer is much better. That's why Ballast Point is always trying to push their limits even further. 

So grab your uKeg and head to San Diego! The beers are always original and sure to take you on a journey of your own! Not in San Diego? No Worries! Ballast Point Brewing Co. has more locations HERE! 

How Do I Get There?

Ballast Point Brewing Company is located at 9045 Carroll Way San Diego, CA 92121