March 30, 2018


In 2013, Boulder County Colorado was introduced to a unique brewery that specialized in Hazy beers and distributed their brews in cans that were decorated with Comic Book style artwork. This brewery, of course, is Odd13!

What was started by husband and wife duo, Kristin and Ryan Scott, quickly became known in Colorado as one of the only breweries with a Hazy IPA. Odd13 was way ahead of the trend on this style beer and they continue to produce some of the best Hazy style brews nation-wide! With innovation in mind, Odd13 strives to push the boundaries in regards to Hazy beers as well as beers that are Gluten Reduced! 

Odd 13 is a landmark brewery in the state of Colorado and is definitely worth the trip to go taste some of their unique beers. What's our favorite part you ask? Odd13 will fill your uKeg™ with their amazing craft brews!

So head to the Centennial state but don't just hang around Denver! Head out to Odd13 in Boulder County and explore the Colorado scenery while expanding your beer tasting palate!  

How Do I Get There?

Odd13 Brewery is located at  301 E Simpson St, Lafayette, CO 80026




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