November 26, 2018

The holiday shopping season is officially upon us. If the thought of congested parking lots, crowded malls, frantic shoppers and relentlessly festive music makes you break out in hives, relax. Our GrowlerWerks gift guide has everything you need to bring a smile to the face of the craft beverage fanatic in your life. Best of all, you can get it all done with a fresh, cold beer in hand. So, pour a pint, and let’s get shopping!

For the Creative

A black matte uKeg 64 and a uKeg Infuser will open up a world of innovated flavor combinations, like the Irish Jig.

For the Neat Freak

A sleek black chrome uKeg 64 with a tap plug and cleaning tablets will keep things neat and tidy, inside and out.

For the Tinkerer

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. A stainless steel uKeg 128 and a maintenance kit will keep busy bodies happy, and GrowlerWerks gear in tip-top shape.

For the Entertainer

A copper uKeg 128 and a GrowlerWerks bar mat will have cocktails flowing in style. And the craft cocktail section of our blog has plenty of recipes and ideas for libation inspiration.

For the Bookworm

Our Beer Lovers Bundle comes with a uKeg 128, accessories, AND a signed copy of the acclaimed Beer Bible, by Jeff Alworth. You can also supplement the reading list with suggestions from our Introductory Guide to Books on Beer.

For the Adventurer

You know the type—always in search of good beer and good times. A sturdy stainless steel uKeg 64, carrying bag, and pair of uPints will keep them road-ready, no matter where adventure take them.

For the Home Brewer

A uKeg 128 pro pack and a ball lock cap will make sharing fresh home brew a breeze.

For the Fashion Forward

A stylish copper uKeg 64 and a GrowlerWerks t-shirt for him or her will have heads turning, guaranteed.

GrowlerWerks accessories on their own make great stocking stuffers for uKeg owners. Keep family and friends stocked up on must-haves and bonus items.

Happy shopping, and happy holidays from all of us at GrowlerWerks!



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