Hump Day Getaway: No. 9

April 26, 2017

GrowlerWerks is a company that defines the spirit of travel as we have invented the ultimate travel companion. The uKeg was designed with the core idea to savor your beer, sparkling wine, kombucha, cider, or any other carbonated beverage you enjoy, to the last drop and share it with friends wherever you escape to.

In an effort to promote the wanderlust nature of our uKeg, we have partnered with Jrrny Travel to bring you our addition the GrowlerWerks Blog called: Hump Day Getaway. 

Start Your Next Adventure The Right Way

DISCLAIMER: GrowlerWerks Does NOT Condone Driving Under The Influence. There was absolutely zero operation of any vehicle while inebriated nor was anyone under the influence while exploring the beautiful landscapes of Eastern Oregon and Idaho. Cheers!


I live in Portland so the trip to Boise isn’t so bad. Overall, the GPS said it should take me around six and a half hours to get there. I didn’t take the fastest way there, however. From Portland, I drove to Bend Oregon to pick up a friend. We stayed in Bend for the night, went to 10 Barrel brewery and got my two uKeg’s (from GrowlerWerks) filled with some delicious beers. In the morning we grabbed a coffee and some food from Megaphone coffee in Bend (recommended) and then hit the road!

The Drive from Bend to Boise was essentially a straight highway with landscape stretched as far as the eye could see. We made the mistake of not re-fueling before leaving Bend thinking that there would be gas stations along the way… There were not.




Start Your Next Adventure The Right Way


Photos & Words By: Chris Krieb


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