Top 5 Products To Elevate Your Summer Glamping Experience

August 24, 2023

Look, we all love the idea of backpack camping. Getting out into the wilderness, removing yourself from society and technology, and really pushing yourself to become immersed in nature is such a great experience. But from time to time, we all need to do a little GLAMPING. For those who don’t know, glamping, of course, refers to the idea of glorious camping. Just because you’re going out into nature doesn’t mean you need to give up all the benefits of society!

Does every camping trip require beer? No. Do you need beer to enjoy nature? No. Does beer add a little something to any outdoor adventure? Absolutely. Cans and bottles are great, but beer fresh out of the tap is something different, and finding a way to bring that on your glamping trip will surely elevate the glamour you seek.

The GrowlerWerks uKeg Go 128 allows you to bring 128 oz. (8 pints) of CO2 pressurized beer wherever you plan on going. The double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation will keep your brew nice and cold all day, and the keg tap on the top makes pouring incredibly easy. All you need is some CO2 cartridges and a thirst for a nice drink. Those of you who want something smaller can opt for the 64 oz. uKeg Go, making things a bit lighter if you plan on enjoying a pint at the end of a hike.

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