uKeg Double Tote Bag

Life on the go often includes full hands. Sometimes, it even includes multiple uKegs. In any case, our all-new rigid collapsible tote bag perfectly fits up to two uKegs (or one uKeg and ya know...other stuff) with a handy side mesh pocket for cups and loops for cartridges. For those times when a little extra carrying capacity goes a long ways.

Select the size to match your uKegs (uKeg not included).

Features: Capacity for two uKegs, side pocket for cups, loops for cartridges, padded handle on two straps
Dimensions when open:
13" x 6.3" x 10.6" (64) // 14.76" x 7" x 12.6" (128)
Material: Snowflake PVC coated; 210D lining; mesh; lined wood board divider