Element How-To

Element Hero

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Care and Use

Read below for info and details on using, cleaning and caring for your Element. Download our manuals and guides or watch our videos for more info.

Filling and Pouring

1. Filling

Fill Element at your local growler fill location.

Fill Element
2. Install Cap

Turn until clicks into CLOSE position.

Screw on cap
3. Pour

Unscrew until clicks into POUR position.

Unscrew cap

Element close open graphicElement features graphic

After Each Use

Rinse Element

Rinse Element with warm water (180° F max)

Rinse cap

Rinse cap with warm water (180° F max)

Let dry

Set out to dry

For a More Thorough Cleaning

Add cleaning tablet

Add a growler cleaning tablet along with warm water (180° F max)

Install cap and shake

Install cap and shake

Dump out water

Dump out water

Let dry

Set out to dry