uKeg Twist How-To

uKeg Twist Demo


uKeg Twist Components Diagram

Important Warnings

  • DO NOT attempt to remove regulator while the cap is still on the bottle
  • DO NOT clean plastic components in dishwasher (bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe)
  • DO NOT store or use with liquids over 120°F
  • DO NOT fill past “FULL” line
  • Excessive suspended particles may lead to clogs or leaks

Mixing Your Drink

  • Be sure to add enough ice so that there is still some left after shaking. One or two handfuls of ice should be sufficient.
  • If you’re unhappy with how a recipe pours, try adding less sugar or replacing sugar with a different sweetener. Agave nectar or stevia are much less prone to foaming
  • If you’d like more carbonation in your drink, try shaking for another 30 seconds. The drink will also naturally carbonate as it sits.
  • If you’d like to make teas or other infusions using leaves or solid materials, we recommend making the infusion first then filter and transfer to the Twist.
Quick Hard Seltzer Recipe
Add to TWIST:

  1. Handful of ice
  2. 3oz (2 shots) of vodka for Twist 24, 4.5oz (3 shots) for Twist 36
  3. Add TWIST flavoring per label instructions
  4. Top off with cold filtered water to "FULL" line

Using the Twist

The uKeg Twist should maintain adequate pressure to carbonate and dispense the entire contents for up to 8 hours.

For best results:
  • After mixing a drink and installing a CO2 cartridge, shake for 60-90 seconds to carbonate the beverage.
  • If the first drink of your freshly made beverage isn’t sparkly enough, try shaking gently for another 10 or 15 seconds. This usually does the trick to get the drink up to peak fizziness.
  • There may be a light chirping sound while the Twist is carbonating and for the first few drinks. This is due to the one valve inside the vessel and is perfectly normal.
  • Don’t overfill the Twist. The floating ice should come just up to the “Full” line inside the bottle. If the Twist is overfilled it may spill on your counter when the lid is screwed on, and it makes carbonation harder.
  • It is normal for a drip or two to fall from the spout after each drink. This can be minimized by tilting and gently shaking out the spout at the end of each dispense.
If you find the uKeg Twist unable to dispense:
  • The pressure may be too low to dispense. Shake the Twist for a few seconds then try again.
  • If there still is not enough pressure to dispense, you can remove the cap to pour the last of your drink.
  • If you then find that pressure is still present in the bottle, the inlet filter may be clogged. Follow the procedure outlined in the troubleshooting guide, section 2 for removing and cleaning the filter.
  • Be sure to check the cap seal, the regulator seal and the cartridge seal. Worn or damaged seals can lead to premature loss of pressure in the uKeg Twist.
Safety Lock

There is a safety lock that prevents the Regulator from being unscrewed while the cap is on the bottle. If the Regulator cannot unscrew after the cap has been removed from the bottle, use a small screwdriver or paper clip and push into the small hole beside the regulator. This will push the lock down into the unlocked position.

Filter Screen

A filter screen is included with your Twist. This screen should be used anytime you’re putting fresh fruits in the Twist.


Cartridge seal:

Always inspect the cartridge seal before use. If the cartridge seal looks warn or damaged, or if there is a small amount of gas leakage around the cap rim when the cartridge is first pierced, replace the cartridge seal before using.

  • Squeeze the tabs on the Cartridge Seal Retainer and pull down.
  • Remove and replace the Cartridge Seal. Be sure to install the seal in the correct orientation.
  • (The smaller lobe should point outward)
  • Push the Cartridge Seal Retainer into the Regulator until both tabs snap out and engage.

If making a new batch of seltzer after finishing one, check that the cartridge seal is not crushed. If it is, run it under warm water to quickly re-form seal.

Straw filter:
  • Remove the filter to clean after using fruit or other solids to flavor the uKeg Twist.
  • Use a small screwdriver or other flat tool to pop the Filter out of the Restrictor.
  • Clean the filter with small brush or sponge, allow to dry.
  • Replace Filter into the Restrictor by gently pushing around the edge until it clicks in place


When reinstalling the straw, for best performance push the straw in firmly to fully seal it. Inspect ends of straw to ensure they are round and free from damage. Loose or damaged straws can lead to foamy pours.

uKeg Twist Maintenance

Quick Start

1. Add ice, ingredients, and water to "Full" line
2. Screw on cap
3. Insert CO2 cartridge
4. Screw in regulator until audible gas released
5. Shake for about 1 minute, then let rest for about 5 minutes
6. Rotate spout outward to drink, rotate inward to lock
7. Drink from the spout like drinking from a straw
8. Press "DISPENSE" button to pour into a glass

Quick Cleaning

1. Hold down "DISPENSE" button until all pressure is relieved
2. Remove Cap
3. Remove Regulator and recycle cartridge
4. Remove Straw and Restrictor
5. Flush Cap by running spout under water while pushing Dispense button
6. Rinse Bottle, Straw and Restrictor
7. If needed, remove Filter and clean
8. Allow all components to air dry